Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Casino project in Catalina Island_02


The mass of sea water in Avalon bay is the physical origin which makes a semicircle shape of the Avalon bay for thousand years. Historically, semicircle seaside shape could provide human a lot of benefit for living, and made this area small town. Currently, this bay area is being used as a harbor connecting Catalina Island and the land, and seaside promenade along Avalon bay is the main road which makes people recognize an entire city organization. In addition, the scenery of full with enormous white yachts in this Avalon bay is determining entire image of this recreation area. In result, the water mass which fills Avalon bay area strongly dominates this whole atmosphere physically, spatially, and emotionally. In this situation, concentrating on the border between sea of Avalon bay and city organization naturally became the issue of design.In this project, the main concept is to extend the existing seaside pathway of Avalon bay on this site. We focused on the border between the city organization and sea. This border is not a mere line, but the medium to connect specific events. Therefore I drew and connected the seaside path from center area of the city into the site, and extended the pathway on the entire site as long as possible.

In addition, I imagined a gossamer fabric which is drafted on the waves and covers the seashore of the site. This imagination started from the power of water movement from center of Avalon bay to the edge of the land. This movement became a gossamer fabric as physical expression of invisible substance. This gossamer fabric is realized by composition and expansion with the components which have 6 spikes and 1 column and are abstracted from individual polyps of coral. In conclusion, these two elements, seaside path and gossamer roof are putting together on the border of the site, and become a main shape of this project.

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